HONESTY…Does It Still Exist Nowadays?

          Last Friday night, my youngest brother came home breathless and anxious, very, very anxious.  He immediately asked for my mom’s phone to make an emergency phone call.  We all became very worried about it but he didn’t plan to tell us anything about it so soon.  He looked like he needed to make that phone call first.  After a few minutes, he gave back mom’s phone looking devastated.  Then came pouring all our queries about what happened.  He said he dropped his wallet from the L300 he rode on the way home.  He said he was riding with a classmate so he called him hoping he’s still on the L300 to ask him look for his wallet under the passenger seat where he sat during the trip.  He was worried about the money he had there amounting to P5000 and all sorts of important papers he had in his wallet plus the USB he used where he saved his project he worked so hard on.  Then after changing he clothes, he decided to go after the driver.  He planned to go to SM Fairview hoping that the driver is there, judging from the route of his trip.  My mom and I won’t let him but he was very determined to find the driver so we asked my older brother to accompany him.  They went off and were away for more than 2 hours.  I was feeling nervous and anxious but I’m confident that nothing happened to both of them.  I don’t know how but I just feel they were safe.  Then when they arrived home, I asked about what happened.  They said they didn’t see the driver but asked a few facts about him with his co drivers and barker they found out working with him.  Good thing my brother remembered how the driver looked like so he was able to describe him to the drivers working there.  My youngest brother decided to go back the next day.

          The next day, about lunch time, someone was knocking at our door looking for my youngest brother.  We didn’t expect that man to appear.  However,  the whole night and whole morning, both my brothers were waiting for a call or text message hoping that the driver would inform them he found the wallet, since there are personal information in the wallet.  Fortunately, he was right there on our front door asking for my brother.  He introduced himself as Philip Villegas and gave back the wallet together with the important things inside the wallet and the money.  However, the money was P1000 short because he already spent it.  He admitted that he planned not to give it back but then changed his mind and decided to give it back anyway.  We all didn’t mind he spent it because my mom planned to give him money anyway as a gratitude of giving the wallet back.  Mom even was giving him P500 more but then he didn’t want to take it.  He said he spent the 1k and that was more than enough.  So we thanked him and soon after, he said he had to go.

After that encounter, and even with his status in life, I was glad there are still people like him.  He was tempted, yes, but he was still honest to give back the money that is not his.  To you Mr. PHILIP VILLEGAS, I salute you!


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