These were taken September 22, 2011 as I was on board in a plane bound to Philippines.   Both pictures were overlooking Singapore.



I love heights! That is why travelling by plane is one of my favourites.  I would never forget my first plane ride on September 18, 2009.  It was exhilarating.  I was fortunate to have a window seat even without reservations.  Therefore, I was able to see the sights from the window plane as the plane goes up a thousand feet and as it descends from the sky.  I was able to see Manila from a different angle although it was drizzling.  And what exactly I was thinking right then was, “I can’t believe I am actually in a plane and going to another country.  It’ll be a new venture and a new life.”  However, I felt a little inconvenient when I felt my ears are going to burst because of the change in altitude.  During most of the flight also, all I can see were different kinds of clouds and rays of the sun.  I even thought the Care Bears will appear any minute then.  The travel time feels like forever but it was just 3 ½ hours.  And when the plane started its descent and I saw the buildings and the views of the new country, I thought, “And the new adventure now begins.”


2 thoughts on “MY PLANE RIDE

  1. Kung pwede nga lang na long drive na lang (which isn’t probable), I’m gonna do it. I could very well remember my first plane ride too, before the flight, I was excited. Nobody advised me to take Bonamin (kontra biyahilo), so while inflight I felt so dizzy. That was the longest 10-hour flight of my life.

    To this day, I still don’t like (but have to) riding in airplanes. Hehe. =)

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