Bali Thai

June 3, 2010, me and my batch mates in EAC, Manila had a mini reunion when Cecil came to Singapore for a trip. We called up all our batch mates who are currently working in Singapore to have a small get together. We ate at Bali Thai, an Indonesian and Thai restaurant. We had BBQ Platter, Tom Yum Seafood Soup, Pineapple Rice, and Pandan Chicken. I enjoyed the food so much. It was one of the restaurants that I liked ever since I arrived in Singapore. BBQ Platter was composed of grilled squid, fish, chicken and pork BBQ, which I think they call as Satay. Tom Yum Soup is the counter part of Sinigang. It is composed of seafood like squid, oyster, shrimp, mussels, etc cooked in chilli, lemon grass and limes giving it a sour and spicy broth. It was also very good, though it was very spicy for my taste. Pineapple rice in turn didn’t taste like pineapple, hehe. It tastes like Chow Fan Rice instead. It was very good though, better than chow fan rice even. Lastly, we had the Pandan Chicken. I’m not sure if it was grilled or deep fried chicken but it was covered in Pandan leaves which has a very sweet smell and which also gave a unique taste of the chicken. After that hearty dinner however, came the bill. It amounted to $148 for 6 servings. That’s P4, 884. Haha…


4 thoughts on “Bali Thai

  1. I love Thai foods! I have a high tolerance when it comes to spicy foods, pero for a while now, I’m staying on the mild side. Namumula kasi yun face ko whenever I eat anything spicy. So far, the best Thai restaurant for me is Ban Thai in Guam.

    C’mon, let’s go to Thailand. Let’s test out the authentic Thai foods. 😉

  2. Naku gurl, buti ikaw eh namumula lang. Ako one time, I ate spicy chicken. I think they call it Thai Chicken if I am not mistaken. After a while, it felt like my stomach is burning. It went on and on for 2 days. Then on the third day, I can’t even press gently on my tummy. I was brought to the hospital. Good thing I wasn’t admitted. I was only given IV and some intravenous drugs that made me feel better. Haha.. Until then, I am always watching out on spicy food. I didn’t even realized I liked Thai food until now that I have written about it on this blog. Kain lang kasi ako ng kain without realizing na may trend or pattern ang mga nagugustuhan ko and that mostly are Thai food. hehehe

  3. Oo nga, it just dawned on me na andami nating in common – blogging, reading, we like the same food, photography, and Westlife! No wonder we are friends.

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