If you are fond of bar hopping, clubbing, and discos, then Clarke Quay in Singapore would be a good place for you to spend a great night out with friends. I never had the chance to hang out on the pubs, restos and bistros here. Actually, I am not a big fan of drinking so I rarely hang out on these kind of places. But it would be nice to drink with friends once in a while to catch up with some things. A few nights before I went home to my home country, my friends took me here to hang out but nobody’s in the mood for a drink. So we just went for a walk around and had a look. It was the only time I was able to have a good look on every corner of that place.


Clarke Quay at sunset

Clarke Quay is a historical site located within the Singapore River. In the middle of the river is a boat for Singapore River Cruise. For $17, you can have a Singapore River Experience for 40 mins passing over Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Marina Bay or $22 for a 60 mins cruise. I haven’t tried that yet too. I don’t know how to swim so it gives me the creeps when it comes to rivers and seas. I am willing to try it if I have company. It’s just that I never got the chance since I always stroll along parks and other tourist spots alone.

I just love sunsets anywhere. 🙂

What fascinated me here are the old buildings which they renovated into pubs, discos and restaurants in different colourful shades that catches attention even from a distance.

The view of the Novotel Hotel

I liked the idea of sitting here holding a conversation with a friend while drinking beer.

There are also moored Chinese junks they call tongkangs which are converted into floating pubs and restaurants.

The Riverside Point

These are pod-like eating areas in different colors. At the far end is the GMAX REVERSE BUNGY.

This was taken from a hotel room in Novotel. Overlooking is the Central and below are the umbrella-like canopies in different colors.

Colorful umbrella-like canopies are on the left while a Spanish Restaurant in Victorian style building is on the right. I fancy those canopies from the moment I set foot on this place. The lights which turn into different colors gives the place a dramatic effect. On the right are different restaurants which offer Italian, Asian, Western, Chinese and other Cuisine.

The canopies from a closer look.

The water fountain is in the middle of the place with different pubs on the background.

There’s also the Sunday Flea Market for great bargains and sales (10am to 6pm) right here with over 70 stalls selling antiques and collectibles, handicrafts, clothes and more. But I have also never tried it before. 😦

This is the Clarke Quay Street converted to pedestrian mall, pubs, discos and restaurants. Everywhere is a mixture of foreigners of different races. It is a place where you can see other types of people other than those having chinky eyes. 😉

On the right is an old Victorian building. I just love the architecture with the effect of the colors they used to enliven the place.

There are different restaurants offering exquisite Asian, Italian, Spanish, and Western cuisine everywhere. Take your pick.

And here are the pubs and discos. We noticed a long queue on some of the pubs. And you can’t also avoid some bustle on some who are tipsy or drunk. My friends and I were walking on one of the alleys here and we noticed a man tugging a woman in short skirt toward a dark corner. Well, it looks like both of them are drunk.

This is a view taken from a hotel room in Novotel. Below in the middle is the G-Max. Straight ahead is the Marina Bay Sands and above you can see fireworks. This is just one of the rehearsals for the lighting of fireworks for the Singapore Day. And to the far left is the Singapore Flyer. If you notice, you can see our reflections from the glass wall. 😀 This was taken during my friend’s bachelorette party.

This is the G-MAX Reverse Bungy. All those who want to try it, you have to pay $45 fee. And if you want a shirt and a video of yourself being hurled out in the air with your ugliest facial expression while screaming in fear, then you have to pay additional $10 for it. 😀

At first I thought it is a closed glass capsule like the one in Singapore Flyer. But upon a closer look, it is an open capsule made of steel. Three persons are strapped inside that capsule and then they are hurled 60 meters up in the sky in the speed of 200 kph. They are being thrown up, down, and around until they finally come to a stop in mid-air. Then they will be lowered down until they reach the ground. I love heights! But after watching all the people who had the courage to try it, I chickened out. Well, firstly, I don’t want to throw up all the food I ate for dinner that night. Secondly, I don’t want to die yet. And with my skinny body and small size, I’m afraid those straps are not enough for me to feel secure that I will not be flying straight to the moon. Thirdly, my fear keeps consuming me all over while I hear all the screams from the persons trying it. I am sure their screams can be heard all over Clarke and Boat Quay. And I can clearly see how their knees wobble after being taken out from their straps. And lastly, I might as well just spend the $45 fee on food or shopping than spend it here.

Well, the night ended where I had to sleep over my friend’s house because there’s no more available MRT or bus toward my home’s direction. And taking a taxi alone in the wee hours of 2am in the morning would be expensive as well as scary. I don’t feel safe taking a taxi alone at that time.

That’s about it! I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂


9 thoughts on “CLARKE QUAY

  1. It makes me want to go there on my vacay to SG next week 🙂 I don’t want to try the reverse bungy though… I’m really a scardy cat esp with heights =))

    • Hi Z! Thanks for liking my post. I have been in SG for 2 years. And in case it is your first time there, I want to suggest some places. You may want to go to: Bugis (to buy pasalubongs), Sentosa, Chinese Garden, Marina Bay (there’s just a lot to see here like the Marina Bay Sands, Merlion Park, Helix Bridge, Art Science Museum), Singapore Flyer, National Orchid Garden, Universal Studios, or walk along Orchard Road. These are some of my favorite places there. I hope you have a great vacay at SG as I have loved the place. Cheers! 🙂

      • Wow!!! Thanks for all of these suggestions… I’ll put that on my itinerary then. 🙂 Ang dami ko ding gustong puntahan, I don’t know where to go first. Hahaha.

  2. I recommend if you’re going to Sentosa, that would be a whole day. You can try Luge, Underwater world and other attractions nila. Sorry I can’t name them all. Tpos sa gabi, you can watch “Songs of the Sea.” Universal Studios would be another day. Dpat pag open na pag open sa USS eh andun ka na para masulit mo lahat ng attractions nila. Then sa gabi, you can go to Clark Quay.

    Sa Marina Bay naman you can go there at dusk. Dusk para mejo maliwanag pa pag nag pa picture ka kay Merlion sa Merlion Park sa One Fullerton. Mas dramatic kc kpag gabi sa Marina. The effects of the lights are so romantic. Then you can go to Singapore Flyer after Marina. Mas maganda din ang view doon pag gabi kesa sa umaga. Pwede mo naman lakarin un from there.

    Then the next day, punta ka naman sa Chinese Garden. Then sa National Orchid Garden. Then sa gabi, pwede ka na dumaan sa Orchard. Ang ganda din dun kc ang ganda ng view ng mga malls doon. The whole Orchard road eh puno ng stalls or like malls na sa atin. Then if you can drop by sa Bugis, on the way naman yan via MRT. Madami kc mabibili doon na souvenirs and pasalubongs na mura. Hayan…di naman ako atribida at pinakialaman ang itinerary mo…haha…

    These are just suggestions. Gusto ko kc masulit mo stay mo doon. Sayang kc. Ang ganda ng place. I hope you enjoy your trip! 🙂

    Nga pla may pahabol pa ako. When riding a bus, dpat exact fare so ihanda mo ang mga barya. Then always bring with you water during the trip. Mauuhaw ka sa kakalakad. Pero bawal kumain at uminom sa bus at mrt even sa mrt stations ha. Then wear comfortable shoes or sandals para di agad sumakit paa mo. Mahabang lakaran ang mga yan. I hope to hear from you about your trip. Cheers! 🙂

    • Hahaha.. Ang dami mo ngang suggestions… pero thanks a lot for the tips… at least i know what to do there and where to go =) hope i can fit it all in just 2 days!

  3. hi jennifer – great blog – amazing pics – hv a query – wht is the best time to visit clark quay – i am on a short trip – day 1: is reserved for sentosa attractions – is it possible to club universal studios, 4d magix show, underwater world and songs of the sea in one day – day 2: flyer + orchard road + marina bay + clark quay -your suggestion will be of valuable hlep

    a traveller in need -Ravi

    • Hi Ravi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I suggest you do all the sentosa attractions in one day and universal studios for another day. Last time I went to Universals, it was afternoon and it was not enough to see all the attractions and to enjoy all the rides. Day 2 is ok since flyer will only take you half to an hour. Orchard road, you can stroll for half a day. I suggest, you go to orchard first, then to flyer, and marina (since they are in the same place or at least near to each other where you can walk the distance). And I suggest you go to flyer where it’s dusk or at night since the view is more breathtaking. I love the effects of the lights in the business district. Then you can go to clark anytime at night until the wee hours of the morning. Usually, in clark quay is mostly clubs and bars. I hope you enjoy your trip. If you have anymore questions, I would gladly want to help. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions. Have a nice and safe trip Ravi! 🙂

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