The Pagoda is the signature architectural building of the Chinese.  In the ancient times, it used to be a simple tower located near a temple.  They were used to house human bones by Buddhists.  The 7-storey pagoda, called “Ru Yun Ta,” follows the style of Ling Ku Temple Pagoda in Nanjing.

Before you can get to the top, you have to climb like a hundred steps and lose a number of breaths.  However, once at the top, it’s worth it.  The breeze is nice and you’ll be able to see the Japanese Garden from afar and the Chinese garden as a whole, from a larger perspective.  I lingered for a while, enjoying the sights from above.  I love high places and I like that heady feeling you get when you look down.

View of the Pagoda at the Red Bridge at the East Gate of Chinese Garden.

View from the Arch Bridge

Qu Yuan, one of the greatest poets in China

From a closer look

Taken by the door, ceiling of the pagoda

View from below as I was going up the stairs

The stairs
View from above

View from above overlooking the HDB houses outside


10 thoughts on “THE 7-STOREY PAGODA

    • Hi topicless! Wow! This is a surprise. It feels different to be the one receiving comments from you. Hehe… Thanks for dropping by. Welcome to my blog!

      Those stairs shot is also one of my favorites. One experience from it I won’t forget is, as I was going down the stairs, I looked up and saw somebody taking a picture of me on the stairs. I winked and he put down his camera and smiled. 🙂

      Wait ’til you see more of Singapore. 😉 Adding it to your list to visit will be a great idea. C’mon let’s go invade Singapore. 🙂

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