Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE


by artist TANG LING NAH

Tang uses charcoal, paint and paper together with the inclusion of architectural and furniture elements in her work.  She creates ‘rooms’ along the Tunnel to provide an experience of illusion of reality, memory and imagination, private and public space, still life and landscape.

I just have to post this.  I love her works.  I like the black and white appearance and I would say they looked real as I was passing by these walls.  It indeed creates an illusion of something that isn’t there and an illusion of more space.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE

  1. What a nice concept! It reminds me of large mirrors placed in spaces for that illusion of size. I’ve almost walked into those a few times before.

    I like the grittiness of the charcoal in these works – there’s something very “crime scene photo” about them to me.

    • Hi Drew! Thanks for appreciating the post. And I agree with you. It even has an eerie like ambiance to me. But it was indeed like an investigative crime setting. Hehe… It’s nice to hear from you again Drew! 🙂

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