Just like any ordinary day, I opened my facebook account and browsed through my friends just to check what’s going on with them through their posts.  Yes, I care about my fb friends.  I’m just not sure if the feeling is mutual.  Anyway, I care not all of them to be honest.  Okay, going back, as I was browsing through them, I saw my cousin posted pictures from her prom.  I can see she looked happy.  Who wouldn’t? She was prom queen and her date (her bf for a few years already and still very much in love) was prom king.  I can’t help but compare my prom when I was in high school.

I was in my senior year.  I was studying in an exclusive Catholic school so from freshman to senior year, we’re all girls.  We were required to bring a date to the prom.  Yes, a date! Where in the world can I get one when I don’t have any boy acquaintances or friends?  Two of my classmates volunteered to help me find a date.  So, it’s a blind date.  However, come the prom date.  One of them gave me an address on where to pick up my date.  I was the one who will pick him up because: one, we’re minors and we should be accompanied by adults preferably our parents.  Two, I was the one asking for a favor here.  So my parents and I went to the address and I found this boy just outside their gate dressed in white long sleeves, black slacks and black shoes.  So I thought, there goes my date.  When I went and introduced myself, suddenly came another boy.  He introduced himself as my date.  Oh boy! At first, there was none and now they are two.  And there’s no way I can ask my two classmates who of these two boys is my “real” date.  They were both arguing and I didn’t know what to do.  My mom then said I would just have to bring them both.  We’ll just figure out in school on what to do.  So we went to school and in the parking lot, I met one of my childhood playmates.  She’s the daughter of my father’s friend.  Guess what?! She can’t get inside because she didn’t have a date.  So I lend her one of my “so called dates” and all’s well.  We were able to get inside the covered court (where the event was) and had our pictures taken.  The night was not so special for me.  Actually, I hated how things turned out. I didn’t like my dress.  My make up made me look older.  My scalp’s getting itchy because of all the pins holding my hair up.  My shoes were killing my feet.  My date’s boring.  He uttered only a few words the whole night.  And when he finally did, he asked me if I know R.  I said yes and that she’s my classmate.  He was asking if I have seen her.  Oh oh…I guess he had an agenda why he wanted to go to this prom afterall.  I asked him for a dance but he said no.  He said he can’t dance, so I left him alone.  I was so pissed off.  But the real reason why I was so furious was, a few weeks before the prom, I asked my crush (who turned out to be my first love, I talked about our story on my previous posts) to be my date.  Unfortunately, he’s always away from home.  That’s predictable because he’s in the seminary.  I wasn’t able to ask him personally or verbally.  I left messages to his sister to relay it to him.  But his sister said he’s in Baguio for a retreat so he won’t make it.  However, I found out later on that he was back the day before the prom.  Then the morning of the prom day, he was looking for a date.  I didn’t know if he was able to find one.  But the whole night of the prom, I was looking for him.  I didn’t see him that night or maybe I just didn’t look further.  I don’t know.  Until this day, I don’t know if he ever attended that prom.

Now, going back to my date.  He eventually appeared to my side and asked me to dance.  Then suddenly came my other date.  He was asking me for a dance, too.  Now, what do I do?!  I was freaking out but of course, I didn’t want to show it.  I asked him where the hell his date is, and he said, she went dancing with her girlfriends.  Oh my!  So now, he’s also having a terrible night.  The song changed to an upbeat song, so I had an idea.  Why not dance with them both? So I did! We were having a good time, at least that’s what I want myself to believe.  In truth, I can’t wait to go home.  My shoes were killing me and I was not enjoying the night at all.  And finally, when the prom king and queen were announced, I was relieved because at last, it’s time to go home.  I can’t even remember who won.

The next thing I knew, we were going home and I was snapping at both of my dates.  It’s late and I was so tired and sleepy but we have to bring them home first.  When my parents and I got home, my Mom scolded me.  She said that that was not a nice way to treat my dates.  (And if my grandfather knew about this, he is going to do more than scolding to teach me a lesson.  He once lectured me about treating guys nicely.  That was when a guy who asked me to a dance ended up taking me to the dancefloor in my pajamas.  I would relate the story some other time.)  And I knew, even before she reprimanded me, that I was wrong.  I let out my frustration at them.

My irritation did not end that night.  The next day, I had to face the aftermath of the event the night before.  The make-up artist who did my make-up shaved my eyebrows (I looked like a walking Mona Lisa) and my sister saw my prom picture and she was like, “I can’t believe this was your date.  (She was laughing out loud at me.)  I dumped this guy a few weeks ago.”  (It turned out that the guy was courting my sister.)

As I went inside my classroom, I looked at my classmates who were all busy looking at their pictures, admiring the dresses they wore, talking about their dates and relating their stories of how their night ended.  And I was like, What’s a prom for, anyway?  Isn’t it supposed to be a social activity, whatever else and not a fashion show?  I was not even aware if the purpose of that activity was achieved.  And I didn’t care at all.

Most people say that highschool is the most memorable period of their life.  But as for me, it didn’t work that way.  It was f*ck*ng the worst period of my life.


6 thoughts on “MY FIRST EVER DATE

    • Yes Drew! I realized that now. At least, now I can proudly say “This is one in a thousand experiences. Not everybody encounter it.” Thanks again Drew! 🙂

    • Yeah, I can feel your sentiments. Even though things didn’t go through as I want it, I am still glad I was able to experience attending the prom. Miss yah gurl! 🙂

  1. Sorry to hear that. But looking back back in our school past, we can just smile and laugh of all the things that we go through. 2 dates sounds like a once in a blue moon incident. I didn’t have a great high school either but there were fun times . College was the best years of my student life. Great friends, lots of travels, etc. Great post. Thanks.

    • YOu are right. It just seem silly and funny to me now that I am just looking back at the past. There were also great times in my high school life. But the hard and lonely times surpass the happy moments. Same here, I had a really great time in grade school and college life. I became independent and realized a lot of things in college. And learning then was an adventure. I was like, out in the world to discover unlike when I was in high school where I was imprisoned in a cell. Thanks for dropping by island traveler, though mine is not an island. hehe… 🙂

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