Weekly PHOTO Challenge: DREAMING


No matter how old or how young we are, we have dreams.  And to fulfill those dreams, we have goals.  To achieve our goals, we strive harder and persevere to reach our objectives.  However, on our way to achieving our goals, we often times encounter obstacles and discouragements.  Just like the water in the fountain which is continuously flowing, we should never give up.  We should continue dreaming, continue striving and continue reaching our goals.


7 thoughts on “Weekly PHOTO Challenge: DREAMING

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  2. I love fountains ! I like to listen to the sound of water flowing …. that’s why I had urged my mother to buy one for the backyard ( I can hear the sound in my room.. it’s wonderful ! )… and we also have a wall fountain at the front porch….

    Cheers, Jepiner !

    • Oh yeah? I love them, too. That’s why I take lot’s a pictures of them when I see one. Hehe…. I love the sound of the water, too especially when there are also birds chirping on the background. Thanks for dropping by Ren. I read your second post for Euro trip. I have not written down any comments though. I’ll try to drop by later. 🙂

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