This has been an interesting thought when I woke up this morning.  If you were given a choice between these three: LUCK, MONEY, or LOVE, which one would you choose?

I was thinking maybe I would choose Luck.  If I have luck, I can have both love and money.  However, is there really such a thing as…luck?  Isn’t it a bit foolish to say so? Isn’t it that luck was is often used by gamblers to justify their own weaknesses.  Some would say, ‘Tonight is my lucky night,” so they head to the casino to gamble when in fact, they are just trying to cover up their weakness to fight the urge to gamble.  I believe everything lies to our choices…lies to the consequences of our decisions…lies to our hardwork.  It’s all about our power and will, and of course, the rest is all about Divine intervention…Divine will.

Then, maybe I would choose Money.  With money, I can be very lucky.  I can go to places and travel the world.  I can enjoy all the luxuries in the world.  Everything that will catch my fancy, I can get them all.  I can buy all the pleasures of this earth.  However, will money ever buy Love?

If I choose Love, it will not make me lucky in the context that most people do.  It won’t give me the job I am dreaming about or it won’t bring me to the places I want to visit.  Love won’t bring me to Europe for a trip or bring me to US to be employed. However, there is such a thing as being lucky in love.  That is why some people would say they are the “Luckiest guy or girl on earth,”  when they finally meet the love of their life.  In addition, love will not increase my savings in the bank.  With love, I will not reap thousands or millions of money.  However, love of my family and friends will make my life colorful and fill it with memories that will last a lifetime.  They are memories which will fill my lonely heart and imprint in my mind all the fun filled time I spend with them.  And when you finally find your true love, there is nothing more enriching in life than loving and being loved in return.

Yes!  I would choose LOVE.  How about you? Which one would you choose?


6 thoughts on “LUCK, MONEY or LOVE?

  1. Nice work impressive
    me too initially thought about choosing luck but after reading this I changed my mind
    Yes! I also would choose LOVE.

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