Then I got the Bouquet!

Hi there again blogging world!  It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog.  There’s just a lot of things happened lately.  There was the typhoon and then the flood and landslide around our area.  Thank God that my family and I were okay during this natural disaster.  Then I screwed up with my part time job because my internet connection had a glitch because of the thunderstorms.  And then there was the wedding…

My friend and I have known each other since our college days, which quite frankly, seems just like yesterday on one hand, and like a million years ago on the other!  We have seen each other through the good, the bad and the ugly, and we’ve each learned a lot from each other.  I’d like to tell you about some of the things I’ve experienced with her through this collage I made.

Friendship through the years

During our college days, we have been through the hardships and of course, just like any relationship, arguments.  We have experienced going home in the wee hours of the morning because we have to finish our case presentation for the next day.  We spend the whole night at Wendy’s which became a habit eventually.  And then we didn’t realize, it was graduation day already.  After graduation, I was planning to take the board exams a year after.  However, she asked me if I could take the PT board exams with her and I said, “Okay.”

I remember when we went to file for our application for PT boards in PRC.  We were able to file our applications just in time both at the same time since we separated in line.  It was just a few seconds before the 5pm alarm went off.  And I still remember how our knees felt like Jell-O because we thought we won’t make it.  But we did.  And we really did when we both passed the boards.  And we both attended the testimonial dinner after passing the licensure exam.

After a few years, we both parted ways…which meant we didn’t have much communication when I went to work in a call center and she went to work in Singapore.  We both tried to exchange emails whenever we can to keep each other updated of what’s going on.  It was in Singapore where she met her future husband.

In 2009, she helped me get a job in Singapore.  We were able to spend a lot of time at least once every weekend.  I remember the birthdays, holidays, reunions, movie date nights, coffee hang outs and adventures in Singapore we have shared.  There has been a lot of firsts for both of us.  She has always been supportive with my passion and goals.  And in turn, I was always there for her.  I was there to help her pack her balikbayan boxes, support her with jogging and badminton exercises to inspire her to lose weight.  I was glad to help her pack her things whenever she’s moving to another apartment.  And most of all, I was a shoulder to cry on when she confides in me with regards to her relationship with her bf.  I am not a very good adviser when it comes to relationships but I have a big ear to listen and a good heart to understand.  I am glad they were able to overcome every challenge and obstacle in their relationship because it lead us here to NOW.

When I heard A and A are getting married and that I am one of the bridesmaids, I was ecstatic and so excited.  I was honoured to be asked.   Finally, another milestone in her life is about to happen and I am again a part of it.

Preparing the bride for the wedding

While the make up artists are busy doing her hair and make up, I can’t help taking pictures while I wait for my turn to sit and transform.

But before that, when the flowers were delivered, she said, “Jen, ready ka na ba for the bouquet? Para sa iyo to.  Gusto mo ba ihagis ko sa direction mo later?”  And I just shrugged and smiled.

Getting ready for the wedding

After hours and hours of waiting, finally, I had my hair and make-up done!  Hmmm…my hair is color black, at least that’s how I see it whenever I look in the mirror.  However, when the sun shines on it, it becomes a dark shade of brown.  SOmetimes, the tips and a few strands of hair at the hairline is color reddish brown or so I have noticed from the picture.  Even the last hairstylist who cut my hair said so. Hehe… Okay, okay I’ll stop blabbering about my hair now and quit making this more boring.  But it’s just not me who noticed it.

My dress, check.  (My dress doesn’t fit me right. But I have no more time to take it to the dressmaker for adjustments.) My shoes, check.  Accessories, check.  Pouch bag, check.  Invitation, check.  Bouquet, check!  And now, I am ready to go.

The bride

I will tell you guys a story about this picture. We were waiting for the bridal car for half an hour already and we were getting late for the ceremony. We can’t reach the one in charge for the car via phone so we ended up riding the SUV with three of the bridesmaid at the back, me included. I took the picture of the bride who is still all smiles and stress free even if things are starting to get out of hand.  I guess, nothing can stop this wedding from happening including the traffic we’ve been through on the way.  Notice the bouquet she’s holding.  I left her in the car with the right bouquet.

The teary eyed bride

The bride got teary eyed when she started walking down the aisle.  I think she got overwhelmed.  She’s worried a few hours earlier about walking down the aisle.  I never got the chance talk to her before the ceremony started.  But I reiterated to her earlier to walk lady like.  Astig kasi siya maglakad minsan lalo na sa work.  At work, she always tells me to walk like a man.  I can’t help it.  My hips sway on their own.  Is that a crime?  Haha…  And I don’t know how she ended up holding the Maid of honor’s bouquet.  The Maid of Honor, her sister, was able to settle the problem by pretending to fix her train and exchanged their bouquets when the ceremony started.  Hehe…

Exchange of vows and rings

Lighting of the candles

And that’s me lighting the candle.  I am glad she chose me to just light the candle.  I don’t want to do the veil.  I am scared I’d prick her accidentally with a pin.  I don’t want to do the chord either, afraid that I may trip and strangle them both.

Lighting of the candles

And then the husband may now kiss the bride


Cutting of the cake

The bride and the groom

After the dinner was the speeches for the couple.  I was the first one to be called, chosen by the bride, to give a speech for the newly married couple.   Because of stage fright and the emotions I am feeling as I stood in front of the guests, I nearly cried before I can even say something.   I forgot the exact words I said during the impromptu speech.    But I was able to make a decent speech in the end.  Hehe…  🙂

And then came the garter tossing and the bouquet throwing or so we thought.  The organizer made a different approach from the traditional way.

From the picture, you can see the groom a meter away from the bride.  He was asked to do a sexy dance while walking towards the bride to get the garter.  Then he took it using his teeth as he was asked to.

The bachelors & bachelorettes

Then they made up a game.  The one (for the bachelors) who’s able to catch the garter is eliminated until one of them is left.  As you can see at the picture, all the bachelors were asked to do a fruit shake dance where they shake their hips to different directions with a code name of a fruit.  My favorite part is where they sway their hips towards the front and shout “Huh!” Lol

And for the bachelorettes, the emcee asked us to strike a sexy pose before the game.  I wasn’t aware that I was the only one striking a pose. Lol!  All along I thought I was shy.

The bachelorette contest

The emcee’s instruction was:  try to find as many paper clips from the bachelor, as you can while each of us is blindfolded.  We didn’t realize there was a trick here.  I started from the collar, to the breast pocket, to his tie and chest, to the waist and belt.  I found nothing.  Persistent as I am, I continued at the back pocket of his pants and found candy wrapper, “Uh.”  I proceed to his side pocket and found his celphone.  And then…uh oh…I think I touched something I wasn’t supposed to touch and so he was protecting his “thing” in the third picture. Lol!  Then I continued all the way to his thighs down to his shoes.  Guess what?!  I found nothing.  Not even a single clip.  Then I thought, maybe this was just a big joke and there are really no paper clips.  But then, I can hear the girls beside me saying, “Heto pa.  Heto pa.  Ang dami.”  And I was like, “Damn! I am gonna lose!”  I nearly ruined my dress at the last picture. Hehe…

This is all I can say for the other bachelors, “Die with envy because you all let him win.  I am sure each of you wanted to be in his place at that time.  Hehe.”

The bride and the bridesmaid

Then the time’s up.  Everybody was asked how many paper clips she has.  I got none.  The emcee was laughing when he announced I was the winner.  He said, he saw how persistent I was in looking for the clips but still ended up with nothing.

Then as the bride handed out to me the bouquet, she said, “Sabi ko na kasi eh! Para sa iyo talaga yan!”  And she was all smiles.

The couple, the bachelor and the bachelorette

Just like what the husband did earlier, they asked the bachelor (the bride’s brother) to also walk towards me while doing a sexy dance.  The couple’s cheering for him.  And I can’t help but smile.  This has been a fun filled game.  🙂

The bestfriend and the brother

I am glad they did not ask him to put the garter on with his teeth as the audience was asking him to do.  Awww…

Prosperity Dance

One of our tradition is to do the Prosperity Dance for the couple or what they call Money Dance.  The couple would dance a sweet song while everybody can come up and pin paper bills on them.  I missed taking a picture with all those money pinned on them because my Mom asked me to take some more dessert.

Stealing the bride

We enjoyed taking pictures during and after the wedding and reception.  These are a few of them.

Enjoying the photobooth

Enjoying the photo booth with my friends.

The different faces of Me

And lastly,  as much as I enjoy taking pictures, I also had a great time striking a pose in front of the camera.

For my bestfriend, A.

If ever you are to enjoy life…now is the time!  Today should always be your most wonderful day.  Let today be the building block for all the years to come, and may your heart be filled with faith and love all the days of your life.  And may your home be filled laughter and eventually with children.  Best wishes to you my friend! 🙂


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