My TOP 10 MOMENTS of 2012

Well, I did this one last year where I marked my top 10 moments of 2011.  This year, I wasn’t able to send this entry for Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures but it’s okay.  I’m posting it anyway. 🙂


This is one of my favorite pictures of me with my siblings. This was taken on New Year’s Eve last year while we were playing jokes on all the liquors we can see in the cupboard.


This was taken during my niece’s christening and second birthday. I was one of the godmothers.

428595_2919211107615_1836741730_nMy grandmother usually celebrates her birthday in the US. And we were blessed to be spending her birthday with us. There’s a story behind this and I want to share it with you. We were supposed to have a swimming party. But since we were coming to Pangasinan from Manila, we reached the resort in the afternoon. Earlier during the journey, my dad was driving with the speed of 100 and I was telling him to slow down because the whole family was on board. When we reached the resort, my grandmother was so mad that we were scared she’d have a heart attack. She’s hypertensive by the way. She was hitting my dad with a abanico fan I think. We were even hesitant to approach her and greet her. Anyway, to make the story short, we explained why we were late and eventually my grandmother calmed down. The misunderstanding was resolved before we went home.


One of my close friends in Singapore came home for a few days of vacation. I went to see her and here we were. We spend the time doing the one thing we both love most, to sing.


Of course, I don’t want to leave out the part where I turned 32.


This is one of the few times we have family outings so I treasure this much. Another thing is, it was my niece’s first time to swim.

the winners

It was my bestfriend’s wedding. I blogged this last year entitled “I got the Bouquet!” Oh yes! I did! Haha


A friend in college residing in Canada came home for a vacation. We had a mini reunion at my godchild’s christening and first birthday!


I attended the Misa de Gallo and completed those nine dawn masses! I hope my prayers will be answered. 🙂


And last but not the least, my bestie came home and we had dinner. We had a lot of catching up since we last saw each other in March 2011 in Singapore.

In general, those were my favorite moments of last year.  For this year, I hope to have more travels and adventures as I did in 2011.  I would like to get my driving license, learn a new language, and yeah, gain weight.  Haha.  I would like to learn more about photography and to finally join a choir group.  I miss singing and performing.  Joining a church choir I think would be sufficient for now.   And of course, I would like to cook more new recipes, sing more new songs, take more pictures, blog more experiences and read more books.  2013 Goodreads Reading Challenge, here I come! 🙂


6 thoughts on “My TOP 10 MOMENTS of 2012

  1. Looks like a fantastic 2012 for you! I wish you many more happy memories in 2013!

    Thanks also btw for subscribing to my blog, I truly appreciate it! I hope you will leave a 10-word-or-less description of your blog for me to add beside your name on my page dedicated to my readers (either here or on the page):

    Thanks so much!!

      • Thanks, hun! I know, it’s hard for me to classify my own, I write about so many different things! 🙂 Well, I look forward to hearing from you once you have an idea!

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