About Me

I’m 5 feet tall, skinny with brown complexion, curly dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.  I have birthmark on my neck.  It runs from the edge of my lower lip to my chin down to my neck.

I have always been complimented with my eyes and eyelashes, hair, and nose.
I rarely brush my hair. Actually, I only brush my hair once a day and that is every after I take a bath.
I like wearing sexy tank top and jeans or polo shirt and jeans.  I like dressing up when attending parties.

I’m terrible at sports. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just born with it.  But when I lived in Singapore, I used to go jogging, and play badminton.  I’m not a pro but I play only for fun and for physical fitness.

I have the habit of talking to myself and calling myself name and scolding myself.

I am quiet most of the time but very observant.  I would rather observe somebody before I talk to him/her because actions speak louder than words.  I used to trust anybody easily but based from my past experiences, most of the time, the ones I trust are the ones who betray me the most.  Now, I am more careful and picky with who to trust and who to invest friendly relationships with.

I know how to speak in English, and Filipino plus two dialects including my native dialect Ilocano and dialect of my hometown which is Kapampangan.  I want to learn more languages including Spanish and Italian.  I tried studying Chinese but I am really having a hard time with the pronounciation plus with the memorizing part.

I adore books.  I love reading a lot.  Fiction takes my imagination
to wander and leave reality once in a while, while non-fiction books feed my brain with knowledge which I am able to use in everyday struggle with life.

In my anatomy class in college, I realized that the human body is the most beautiful creature God has ever made, and the brain, the most complex.

I don’t know how to swim but I just recently learned how to drive.  It was one huge achievement on my part since I have to have a lot of courage every time I am on the road especially if my family is with me. Now, here comes the worst. I don’t know how to ride a bike. I hope I would be able to learn how to swim and ride a bike soon.

I’m witty and cheerful whenever I am with my family and friends.  As much as I like spending time with my family and friends, sometimes, I like spending time being alone.  I want to experience things I’ve never done before and to visit places I’ve never been before.  I don’t like the usual stuff every now and then.  I easily get bored.  I am not hard to please but I want new things to look forward to every now and then.  I like doing ordinary stuff extraordinarily.  I am a very private person and quite conservative.  I don’t like people meddling in my life and gossiping about it around.

I love sea food.  I love blueberry and cranberry juice, apple and carrot juice, grape juice and apple and aloe vera juice.  I rarely drink coffee but if I do, I like frappuccino.  It’s not that I don’t want to.  I just have palpitations every time I drink coffee so I have to limit my caffeine intake which goes the same with cola.

I love heights.
I love nature a lot.  I love the beach, and watch sunset/sunrise on the beach.  I could be contented just by looking at sceneries.
I love flowers.
I love the smell of trees right after it rains.
I love the rain, walking and dancing in it much better with a company.
I love farms.  It takes me back to my childhood with great memories.
My favorite boyband is Westlife.
I love the color blue the best.
I love Tim Burton movies especially Edward Scissorhands.
I have a thing for white dresses.
I love Enya’s chant songs.
I believe in ghosts.  I’ve seen ghosts.
I just love watching Britney Spears perform.
My favourite part of the day is twilight.
I would love to learn photography.  I just discovered recently that I’m fascinated with it.

I love travelling to new places.

I don’t play any musical instrument. I just simply sing my hearts out.  I love singing especially when I’m broken hearted or when I’m inspired.  Music is my life. It heals me or breaks me.
I enjoy cooking and recently tried baking.
I cry at extreme emotions.  I cry when I’m immensely happy, awfully sad, intensely angry, terribly scared, or strikingly overwhelmed.

I know how to smoke but I don’t smoke.  It’s just not my thing.  Let’s say, I consume 2 sticks per year.  I also drink occasionally.  I got drunk once and I don’t want to go through the feeling of “…OOOhhh, I’m gonna DIE!” ever again.

Sometimes life sucks but I’m surviving.

I like meeting people and learning a lot from them.  There are a lot of things you’ll never get to learn without experiencing them and it takes a hell lot of time to experience everything.  You can learn them anyway when you meet people with different interests and experiences.  I guess my whole lifetime would be a learning process…to play…to share…to care…to love…to be hurt…to be strong…to let go…to forgive…and to get to your feet and move on……


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You are very diverse and interesting. I think it’s wonderful that you speak four languages, two of which are very unique! My favorite part is the end, “and to get to your feet and move on…” Very well said!

    • Sure! I dropped by your blog a few minutes ago and got interested so I added you to my list. Keep writing and I would surely keep reading. 🙂 By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog. 🙂

  2. You have a generous heart with a mind full of optimism and adventure. You’re right, “I realized that the human body is the most beautiful creature God has ever made, and the brain, the most complex.” Isn’t that amazing? Best wishes to you.

    • Thank you so much for those wonderful compliments! Whew! 🙂

      And thank you for agreeing with me. Dissecting cadavers was one of my unforgettable memories in college. It was frightening at the same time, very educational. I didn’t realize then that I have the courage to face it and the hunger to learn. Anatomy was one of my favorite subjects in college…hhhmmm….wait…I think that was my only favorite subject in college. 🙂 General Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, and Kinesiology. I hope to hear from you more and read more from your blog. Have a great day! 🙂

  3. Jennifer, you’re written a beautiful description of a very beautiful person 🙂 Lovely to discover you here. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the world through your eyes. Peace and much blessings. Michele

    • Thank you Michele. I am happy that you appreciate my description of myself. Welcome to my blog! Surely, I hope you enjoy my future posts. I will try to drop by your blog anytime this week when I have spare time. Thanks again! 🙂

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