Troubling Friendships

I just read this post from a fellow blogger. I was able to relate on the thoughts of the author based on my experiences with my past and present friends. I agree to most of her opinions. I thought of reblogging so you can get something from it too, as a reflection or mind opener.

Str!ngin Along...


Behind the wall of friendship are steps. Upon those steps are plays. Certain necessities to ensure that your friendship flourishes.
It is not something that you follow, but more of something that you understand as you grow older having learnt the difference between good and bad choices. Majority of us may have had the oppurtunity of understanding the key factors to a friendship on our own from the start of our childhood.




Staying in Contact

and so on

However some may have not have had that oppurtunity or choice to do so.

As you feel that you a gradually making your way up the steps one by one with a friend, you learn more and more not only about them, but about yourself and what a friendship should be like. From then on you start the set standards for what a true friend should appear like and…

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3 thoughts on “Troubling Friendships

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