“Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement”


These pictures were taken in February 8, 2008 but I just wanted to share this special occassion.

In a small province in Pangasinan, my birthplace, we held a Centennial Fiesta to commemorate our patron saint, St. Thomas.  In addition, we also wanted to celebrate the prosperity we have compared to how this place was a hundred years ago.  We wanted to acknowledge each other’s hardwork on how the livelihood of simple farmers evolved and acquired abundance in their harvests.

This post’s meaning of movement is:  a) my province’s progress in livelihood and b) the people’s motion as they perform during the parade.


My Mom was a part of the parade.  She was one of the beauty queens who won in 1975.  She was the one wearing orange Filipiniana costume.

The parade finished off with a field demo.

One trivia before I hit the publish button…

On February 11, 2008 during first Corn Festival, in the centennial celebration, Santo Tomas, Pangasinan held the Guinness World Records certificate of longest barbecue record (3,803.96 m). Residents grilled 93,540 glutinous corn on the 1,559 meters long grills (each interconnected grill measured 2.4 meters), traversing its 10 barangays. Sto. Tomas’ longest barbecue record erased MontevideoUruguay‘s 1,493.2 meters long record (grilled red meat.) (Taken at Wikipedia.)

Have a great weekend everyone! Cheers! 🙂


2 thoughts on ““Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement”

  1. Great pics ! ! The kids are so cute! So, maybe there were a lot of eating ? Fiestas in the Philippines are like that, right? Never been to a fiesta……T.T

    • Hi Ren! Sorry, the reply is so late…been busy lately. THere are certain provinces that prepare a lot of food during fiestas. But for some, there are also who concentrate on activities and programs for the townfolks. Like in our province, they held some beauty contests (some gay contests), peryahan (if you’re into rides you would think this is a big joke..hehe) and a lot more. I rarely attend fiestas because it’s just a lot of people/visitors and most likely, on the way to that place is bottle neck traffic. 🙂

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