I just turned 32 last month. And as I look back on the things that happened to me last year, I thought of listing my “Top 10 Moments of Last Year.” I arranged them in chronological order so it’ll be easier to track down the events. Whether they were good or bad, I still believe they are “Things That I Should Be Thankful For.”



I am the last girl at the other end of the table. On the right side is the small karaoke corner.

My Vocablends Family decided to go to a certain restaurant, 7, 107 Flavors in Marina Square, Singapore. We were glad we were able to get reservations beforehand for almost all the tables were taken. They serve authentic Filipino cuisine. Of course, since all of us were based in Singapore at that time, we were all craving for Filipino food. The food was superb. It feels like home from the taste of the food we ate namely, Crispy Pata, Sinigang, Sauteed vegetables, Sisig (I can’t remember the rest if there are still more.) They also have a small karaoke portion where they have a singer/s for the night to entertain the guests. They welcome requested songs and dedications from the customers as well as customers who want to sing. After dinner, we asked the management if we (the choir group) can sing a few songs for them. And they gladly welcomed the self invite. Haha…. Our conductor thought of this idea since he wanted us to experience singing in front of an audience, of a big crowd. It’s a different kind of rehearsal as you can say it. We had a wide array of audience from Singaporeans, to Malays, to Filipinos, to Indians and some Westerners. At least we would be able to distinguish beforehand the interest of the audience when it comes to our choice of songs. That would give us an idea what would be expected on the day of our upcoming concert. We surely enjoyed the night as well as the audience enjoyed our singing. It was also our way of promoting our concert for the Vocalmania 2011 then.

MARCH 2011

Vocalmania 2011

The Vocablends, Vocalmania 2011, March 20, 2011, The Arts House, Singapore.
I am the one at the far right.

The Vocablends, Vocalmania 2011, March 20, 2011, The Arts House, Singapore
Taken after the concert. I am the first one on the right, middle row.

This was our first ever concert since the group was established. I was glad I became a part of that performance. I nearly backed out a few weeks before the event because I was trying keep up with my pace in studying and preparing for my Singapore Qualifying Exams for Physical Therapists on July 2011. Performing and Singing are two of my great passions in life. I was ecstatic after the performance especially after hearing all the cheers and the applause from the audience. We were all more than happy to know that we were able to entertain them to the best of our ability. Even with our busy lives and hectic schedules at work in Singapore, we were able to find time to rehearse, put up a choreography, sing in conjunction with the group and made this concert possible. Of course, all of these would not be possible without our ever talented, ever patient conductor/arranger E. S. L. (I will make another post about this concert in detail next time and post some videos of our performance as well.)

MAY 2011

My 31st Birthday

Two of my close friends, A and A decided to celebrate my birthday at Jurong Swimming Complex.  They wanted to go swimming at the same time celebrate my birthday at the pool just like the previous year.  And who am I to say No?  Of course I am also in for another dip in the pool.  I wore short shorts and a swimming top over my bikini.  But the lifeguard caught my attention and asked me to take off my top.  He said, it’s swim wear rules.  And so I did.  However, when we went to the other pool, the life guard there asked me to take off my shorts.  My goodness, others were wearing more than I do.  And why me?  It looked like they want me naked in the pool.  I ignored him and went straight into the water.  I didn’t care then if he would swim towards me and drag me out of the pool.  I have been more carefree in Singapore and I liked it very much.  Unlike here, I am very self conscious and careful with regards to my clothes, actions and words.  That day was indeed another memorable and enjoyable birthday for me.  Though the previous birthday celebration was the best.

JULY 2011

Qualifying Exams

As frightened and nervous as I was when I set foot at Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore, I am proud of myself that I was able to go through with the Qualifying Exam for Physiotherapists. Although I didn’t pass, that didn’t hinder me from pursuing my career. I am hoping that one day, I would be able to prove to them I can make it. I didn’t pass not because I am not good enough but because I believe I didn’t have enough time to prepare. Enough with the excuses…hehe… Maybe God has other plans for me. Maybe this place isn’t for me. But I know in my heart, there’s a big reason why I ended up in this profession.


Another Vocablends Gig

The Vocablends, FAS Anniversary, August 28, 2011, D’Marquee Mall, Pasir Ris, Singapore
I am the fifth one from the right.

I was both happy and sad that this was the last time I was able to perform with my choir group. Although we only sang three songs and it is far from the experience we had during our first concert, I am still glad I was a part of it. This gave me a chance of being able to perform on stage for the last time. We were invited by the Filipino Association of Singapore (FAS community) to perform on their anniversary. It was a privilege and an honor to perform for them.


A Time To Say Goodbye

September 22, 2011, Changi Airport
Taken while waiting at the Boarding area. I can see from the glass wall our plane loading our baggages. While I was looking at the plane, my phone won’t stop receiving endless text messages.

September 22, 2011, Changi Airport
Taken at the plane. Even the sky is crying for me for leaving. Hehe 🙂

Since I didn’t make it to the exam, I was not able to renew my contract.  It was something that was decided by my employer.  Though I am devastated that I am now jobless, I still think it is a blessing in disguise.  I missed my family anyway and I wanted to spend more time with them after being away for two years.  Before leaving, I was touched by my friends who all made efforts to spend time with me before I left.  A brought me to the Singapore Flyer to experience it at night.  (She knows I love heights! And it was a very good idea indeed!)  A and A surprised me a week before my departure and appeared on our doorstep, took me out for dinner and brought me to Clark Quay where we spend the whole night strolling until the wee hours of the morning.  A few days before my last day at work, my manager gathered the whole Therapy Department and treat everybody for lunch to be able to spend time with me (other than work related, of course).  My housemates gave me chocolates, and all sorts of gifts.  M brought me to MacRitchie reservoir for a jog.  She knows I liked to go there very much.  And lastly, my bestfriend took a leave from work to send me to the airport.  While I was checking-in, a few more of my friends from the nursing home arrived to see me before I leave.  It was early in the morning and they were all from night duty.  I just appreciate the gesture so much, you could see all the black circles in their eyes, they looked like Pandas.  And while I was boarding the plane, my celphone wouldn’t stop receiving messages from everybody wishing me a good trip and convincing me to come back soon.  Haha…  I was thinking, they were all abandoning their work to send text messages on their phones and praying they wouldn’t be caught by our manager.  Then, after a few minutes, I received a message from my manager, too.  Haha…so much for me thinking they would be reprimanded.  Whoah!  They were all making me cry then.


A Surprise

V, my little niece, March 11, 2012, Jollibee. She’s pretending to be asleep when I took out my camera. I waited for her to open her eyes before I took the shot. Hehe.. who’s more naughty?

This was one big revelation which left me sleepless for a few nights.  My youngest sister told me that our older brother already has a daughter.  He got his girlfriend pregnant out of wedlock and refused to tell all of us.  So they kept it a secret.  My niece was already one year and seven months old.  She’s already walking and talking.  And my sister was asking if I could help my brother tell our parents about it.  Whoah!  I just got home and now I have yet to bear the responsibility of being the eldest.  I was making tampo with my brother that he didn’t tell us.  I felt he robbed us from our chance of being with our niece.  I/We didn’t get a chance to see her and hold her when she was a baby.  And now, she’s a toddler and she doesn’t know all of us.  I could strangle his neck right then.  But then when I was able to think things through, maybe he has his own reasons for doing so.  He was always been the black sheep in the family and maybe, he doesn’t want to give our parents another headache.  So I did my best to talk to our parents and they calmly accepted the situation.  And now, we are all enjoying every minute of being with our little angel whenever she is with us.


A Trip To My Mom’s Birthplace

On the way to Benguet, Philippines, November 4, 2011

It was our (my mom and I) first time in years to go out of town with just the two of us. It was a very long trip. From Manila, it was a 12-hour drive or more. We had a lot of stops along the way. It was a very good time for bonding with my mom. As we were in her birthplace, Lepanto, Benguet, I was asking a lot about her childhood. She showed me where (the exact house) where she grew up. She brought me where she studied elementary and high school. She would tell stories in between the trips and I liked listening to her. I enjoyed her tales of how she grew up and what she’d been through. (I just might make another post about this trip another time).


Driving Lessons

Pampanga, December 18, 2011
Taken by my sister at the back. My Dad sitting on the passenger’s seat.

Pampanga, December 18, 2011
One of those driving sessions with my father.

After a few months of enjoying myself eating all the food I missed eating when I was away and going to places I missed visiting, I decided to take driving lessons.  I took just a few hours of driving lessons in a certain driving school for basics.  The first day was terrifying.  My instructor asked me to drive along Commonwealth, Avenue.  I told him he must be kidding for asking me, a first timer, to drive along the so called “Killer Highway.”  And he said, he was not.  I didn’t notice the time while I was driving since I was too scared to even enjoy the ride.  But I am so proud of myself for being able to pull through that day.  He said, I wasn’t bad at all, though he said most of the time I was obstructing the way.  Then after the lessons from that school, my father took charge of teaching me.  It was fun for my passengers ( my mom and my siblings who all wanted to ride with us… ugh!) but a pain the ass for my father.  Haha… He was shouting all through out on what to do and I was like clumsy and terrified at times.  We had a few more sessions and I enjoyed the succeeding days.  It became our (my father and I) bonding time.  This was just one of my “To Do” list for so long and I was so ecstatic to have been able to do it at last!

Holidays 2011

New Year’s Eve, Pampanga
Me and my siblings playing a joke on all the alcoholic drinks we could find in the cupboard. We drank one bottle of those before we all went to sleep.

And Lastly, I was able to spend holidays with my family.  It was always what I have been dreaming everytime when I was in Singapore.  And I cherished every moment of it.

What about you?  What are your Top 10 Moments of last year? 🙂


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